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I’m looking at an angel
And believe me when I say
She got that whole place blowing (x2)
She got that whole place glowing
I’m looking at an angel
And believe me when I say
She got that whole place glowing (x3)
And she’s high in the sky singing
Way above the clouds in the sky singing (x4)

She got wings she got a halo
It seems to me so unnatural
Cos that’s one thing that I just don’t know
What seems to be so incredible
She looked at me took me by surprise yeaaahh
As if she took me by the hand to some foreign land
And had me way up
Way above the clouds in the sky singing (x4)

Singing my song yeah yeah

From dust til dawn yeah yeah
I know you got a lot on your mind
But it won’t be long yeah yeah
? always get better yeah yeah
And I may be wrong yeah yeah
? across the line before they make it home yeah yeah
Singing my song yeah yeah
From dust til dawn yeah yeah
I know you got a lot on your mind
But it won’t be long yeah yeah
? always get better yeah yeah
And I may be wrong yeah yeah
? across the line before they make it home yeah yeah

I’m looking at an angel
And believe me when I say
She got that whole place blowing (x3)
I’m looking at an angel
And believe me when I say
She got that whole place glowing (x3)
And she’s high in the sky singing.

A pretty nice squirrel

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One autumn day, me, a forest squirrel, when I was eating in the trees two people saw me. At the moment I thought that they were dangerous but later they gave me something like a chocolate bar, and I went to there. Before I ate  they want to make me a photo. With the flash I were very confused and I wanted to flee, but they started to follow me and I was so scared.

While I was running I shouted to my squirrel friends to help me. When they saw me escaping started to taking nuts to they, and to help me.

And this is the story of this photo, we hope you have enjoyed ;) .

By: Melissa and Laura  :)

3 lies ;)

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3 lies

Finger love story ;)

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… Once upon a time there was pretty princess called Rose that her father, the king, had died. She must find a prince to marry and, to be the new queen. One day her stepmother  Amber …

Amber: Rose, all of us are very sad. But you know that you must find a prince, and this  is what your father would have wanted.              

Rose: I know it but I’m not ready yet …

Amber: Don’t worry I will prepare everything.

Amber been preparing in very short time the wedding with a prince who didn’t even  knew. The truth is that Rose was already in love, but he wasn’t a prince, just a knight called David, and that’s wasn’t  enough.  But they met in secret every night and one of those nights….

Rose: Oh David!! My stepmother wants that I  marry with a prince who I don’t love!!

David : I know, and I will never allow it. Because I love you and you know it. Okay?

Rose: Yes, I know it  and I love you too. But… It’s almost  impossible that them let me marry with you. What can we do?

David: I don’t know it yet, but… I’ll do everything to have you at my side. And to show you every day how much I love you.

Rose:  Ohhhhh!!!  It’s so  beautiful  and sweet. You are so cute.                                                                                                                                                    ( Hug or kiss)

Amber, the stepmother, doesn’t knew nothing about the secret love of Rose, and soon will be the day of the wedding. One week  before the wedding, the prince Cory arrived to the castle and wanted to meet his future wife in private …

 Cory: Hey Rose, I’m Cory.  ( con entusiasmo )

Rose: Hey …(sin muchas ganas ) .

Cory:  As we will be husband and wife, how about if you tell me something about you.

Rose: Emmm…. okay …but…Sorry but I should be sincere with you… I don’t want to marry, I’m in love with another man. And  I am really sorry but..

Cory:  Don’t worry, don’t worry also I don’t want to marry…. Is my father, that he wants me to marry you. Because your stepmother and my father have made a deal.

For a week Cory and Rose became friends because they spent the time together. At last Rose would tell to Amber the truth about what she felt.                                                                                                                                            

Rose: Amber please, I want to tell you an important thing that I haven’t told you…

Amber: What happens? Are you fine?

Rose: Yes, yes .… mmm…well…I …I love David not Cory!! I wanted to tell  you but I was afraid to say that ….

Amber: No no no , no!! Shut up!!.  Do you  know how much it cost me to get this?

Rose: …I am sorr…

Amber: No!! I am sorry no!!. Tomorrow you will get married with Cory, you will forget David and you will be a pretty queen. OKAY?¿

Rose: But..!!

Amber: No, no! I will not let you spoil all that I have for you!! And that’s it!!!

After that, Cole helps to plan something to prevent the wedding. Finally came the day of the wedding and, hours before the wedding, David come face to face to Cole to fight for Rose, in front of the whole world. Everything was planned….

David: Hey! you!

Cole: What happens?¿

David: You will not marry Rose, I will not allow it!!

Cole: Yes!! And  the only way to solve it is with a fight, so I challenge you!

David: Ok! So came on but I am going to win you!!!

(The boys are fighting for the princess).

 David and Rose were married and lived happily but don’t worry, Cole found a beautiful princess.

We  hope you liked it.

 By: Melissa and Laura

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are [Official Video]

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Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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An Interview

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Laura: Hello, I am Laura and I am with aunt Belén Molí
Belén: Hello Laura, how are you?
Laura: Thanks, and you?
Belén: Fine, thanks
Laura: Now I am going to interview you about your job. Are you ready?   
Belén: Of course, I am.
Laura: So, come on with the first question. What is your job?
Belén: I’m a marketing assistant
Laura: And what do you do there?
Belén: I give support to the sales force providing them marketing tools and 
       any material  they could need. I also help the marketing team in our 
       headquarters in marketing tasks such as preparing travels, meetings,
       congresses, etc.
Laura: What your company sale?
Belén: We supply medical products to hospitals in Spain. My department is 
       specialized in cardiac surgery devices.
Laura: Where is the company sited?
Belén: In Sant Cugat del Vallés, near Barcelona.
Laura: How long have your worked for this company?
Belén: About five years.
Laura: Are you happy with your job? And what reasons?
Belén: Yes I am. Because it is very interesting and I like the people that 
       work with me.
Laura: Ok. Thank you for your time. And good bye..
Belén: Thanks. Bye bye.

4B Laura Vasquez :)

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One day my family and me had planed to go to Seville because a cousin of my father was going to married.

On the way we had lo leave from Barcelona Airport to Madrid and then to Seville but as the terminal in Madrid was new the hostess who guided us to our gate, got lost.

And we saw a lot of people on the same plane going arround Madrid terminal not knowing where to go.

Finally, after he had a while walking around, we got to another plane.

The day after the wedding was also very good. The next day we went to the fair in Seville and I really enyoied it.

But after spendig a few days in Seville, when we went back to Barcelona, the plane in whitch we had to go back had some mechanical problems and could  not return because he had to had a revisions.

And there was no plane back to Barcelona and it was dark, and we saw a lot of people waiting to sit on either side and everyone complained. Furthermore we, could not return to the hotel because it was full.

It was almost 24:00 when they put us all on another plane that would stop in Madrid before going to Barcelona.

Another anecdote:

Another day when I was little all the family went to Galicia because it was  Christmas and we would spend Christmas there.

At the airport,  had to go to the bathroom many times and my parents were getting tired because we were going to be late for plane, one of those times, when I left I did not see any of my family and I started to rum. I kept turning arround because  I did not kow where to go, until I saw my mother who I was nervous and she was looking for me,  I don’t know how  I had not seen her before.

After I met them again going we were all on bands of running the airport. As we were going so fast, my grandmother did not know how he stumbled out of the bands and after her, we fell all one by one. And the worst thing was that the security guards were there, but they helped us laughing out loud.

After this hard time, in the end we arrived in time to the aircraft. But when we come he turned to look at me, he stumbled with other luggage and feel over.

In the end it was a bad scared.

                                             Laura C. Vasquez A.

A normal day of the week and a normal day of the weekend.

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duchaI’m going to explain all that I do in a normal day of the week (Monday).

On Monday, I weak up at seven o’clock. Later I have a cold shower, a very cold shower because I need it to be fully wake up.




 Before this I get dress and I have  breakfast, I get cereals   with milk, while I have it I watch the TV programs. When I finish I comb my hair and I prepare the books.



The classes start at 8:30, sometimes I go later to the high school but not always and not too late. On Monday at the first class I have Math’s with Fernando teacher.On Monday morning  I have review classes, F and Q and  Technology too.



On Monday, the morning classes finish at 13:00 but the others days  finish at 14:00.  I go home to have lunch just with my mother and my sister because my father is at work. Before lunch I went to high school to have ethic classes  and sport classes.   

When the  evening classes finish I meet with some friend to do the homework.

At the night  I watch with my mother the Internado at 22:00, and before this I go to sleep.

 A normal day of the weekend

At the weekend I wake up at 10:30, more or less. Because I’m too tired all the week and I need sleep a lot. Before I wake up I have a shower, a very long shower because I need it .

On Sunday and Saturday I  meet with DSCI4327my  friends to go out, to the cinema or to  friend’s house to make some funnycreps =)


But another thing that I do  is being with my sister and playing with her. Because I love her(L).                                            yanay






At the night I can meet with some friends or watch a movie with them or with my family.

                                                            by: Laura C. Vasquez A.

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